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The Great Nation: France from Louis XV to Napoleon: The New by Colin Jones

By Colin Jones

There may be few extra mesmerising old narratives than the tale of ways the dazzlingly convinced and safe monarchy Louis XIV, 'the sunlight King', left to his successors in 1715 grew to become the discredited, debt-ridden failure toppled by means of Revolution in1789. The additional tale of the bloody unravelling of the Revolution until eventually its seizure through Napoleon is both astounding.

Colin Jones' very good new e-book is the 1st in forty years to explain the entire interval. Jones' key element during this gripping narrative is that France used to be now not doomed to Revolution and that the 'ancien regime' DID stay dynamic and innovatory, twisting and turning till ultimately stoven in through the insupportable bills and humiliation of its wars with Britain.

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