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Ambient Intelligence by Félix Jesús Villanueva Molina

By Félix Jesús Villanueva Molina

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IST Amigo middleware also supports the development of services using HTTP/SOAP remote procedure calls. In our opinion, the role of a residential gateway has been encouraged by telecommunication companies with the intention of promoting the client loyalty and extending the service offer. e. ). The vision of a centralized point for service has definitely changed. 5A residential gateway is a single device that interconnects all networks (external and internal) and devices in the environment. 34 Ambient Intelligence As we argued before, supporting the Java Virtual Machine associated to JAVA, or the protocol stack for HTTP/SOAP, imposes strong requirements to the devices that can be integrated using a middleware.

In this context, the allowed set of messages that a certain object understand constitute a BNF grammar defined by the following elements: (1) the message format for the middleware communication protocol; (2) the identity of the object (a unique identifier which is unique in the network); (3) the interfaces exported by the object. e. Ice::Object is case of ICE); (5) the data serialization rules; and (6) the constraints for the target platform. Using this information, we are able to automatically generate a fully functional parser whose mission is to identify a whole request message.

E. timers, send periodically a message of type T which is useful for announcement purposes). The IcePick language has been specifically defined for this purpose. Then, the lpkc compiler collects all this information and produces a platform independent definition of the automata (FSM bytecode) that is able to interpret the middleware messages relevant to a picoObject. The automaton, the device restrictions and the implementation of the objet behaviour (provided by the firmware developer) are the inputs for a compiler written in C which produces the final implementation of the picoObject.

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