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Alvin Plantinga by Deane-Peter Baker

By Deane-Peter Baker

Few thinkers have had as a lot effect on modern philosophy as has Alvin Plantinga. The paintings of this indispensable analytic thinker has in lots of respects set the tone for the talk within the fields of modal metaphysics and epistemology and he's arguably crucial thinker of faith of our time. during this quantity, a extraordinary workforce of modern best philosophers tackle the primary facets of Plantinga's philosophy - his perspectives on ordinary theology; his responses to the matter of evil; his contributions to the sector of modal metaphysics; the debatable evolutionary argument opposed to naturalism; his version of epistemic warrant and his view of epistemic defeat; and his contemporary paintings on mind-body dualism. additionally incorporated is an appendix containing Plantinga's usually stated, yet formerly unpublished, lecture notes entitled 'Two Dozen (or so) Theistic Arguments', with a considerable preface to the appendix written by means of Plantinga in particular for this quantity.

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In particular, there are questions to ask about the connections or relations that hold between the ‘good arguments’ for the existence of God that Plantinga mentions here and the traditional arguments of natural theology. It is interesting to note that the list of arguments given in “The Prospects for Natural Theology” does not appear to mention any of the traditional arguments of natural theology (though, of course, moral arguments have always been one of the mainstays of natural theology, and, as we shall see in a moment, ‘the argument from the nature of proper function’ might plausibly be taken to be one of Aquinas’s five ways).

In particular, on this characterisation of natural theology, it seems that the ‘different approach’ that Plantinga adopts in the last part of God and Other Minds is, after all, a piece of natural theology. For, plainly enough, the argument of the different approach is intended to establish the conclusion that it is rationally permissible to believe that God exists – and, on the new account before us, that is the typical function of natural theology. What 16:35 P1: JyD 0521855314c01 CUNY806B/Baker Natural Theology 0 521 85531 0 April 17, 2007 21 is unclear is whether Plantinga now supposes that the natural theologian offers his arguments in order to convince people of the rationality of the belief that God exists; talk of ‘showing that religious belief is rationally acceptable’ neatly avoids any commitment on this point.

From the nature of knowledge, from the nature of proper function, from the confluence of proper function with reliability, from simplicity, from induction . . good moral arguments; good arguments from the nature of evil; from play, enjoyment, 16:35 P1: JyD 0521855314c01 CUNY806B/Baker 30 0 521 85531 0 April 17, 2007 Graham Oppy love, nostalgia; and perhaps from colors and flavors,”44 all of which can play the role of ‘confirming and strengthening’ theistic belief. ” In particular, there are questions to ask about the connections or relations that hold between the ‘good arguments’ for the existence of God that Plantinga mentions here and the traditional arguments of natural theology.

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