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Alien Technology: Coping with Modern Mysteries by Ananda Mitra

By Ananda Mitra

This publication explores the results of technological alienation on contributors and groups within the glossy time. This e-book explores advanced applied sciences, offers methods of making a choice on the degrees of alienation and indicates treatments for overcoming the alienation and changing into higher and empowered clients of know-how. The e-book bargains alienation scales in questionnaires on the finish of each bankruptcy facing expertise alienation which might serve very convenient for the readers. Replete with examples and written in lucid language, its funny, tongue-in-cheek type will have interaction the reader.

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Either through a process of using a technology often enough or through sufficient training on the use of technology the user who has “graduated” to the second level of alienation has been able to decipher most of the different things a tool is capable of doing. A good example of this process is the way in which many people use the automobile. Beginning with driver’s education for teenagers, users are given a fairly elaborate training in the use of the automobile with appropriate emphasis on safety of use.

Just as specific needs and demands can lead to the invention of multitasking tools, technological developments can also be the reason why such tools are invented. Consider, for instance, the way in which the radio reception technology has changed over time. In the beginning of the development of the radio technology, the receivers were large and bulky because their operation depended on the vacuum “tubes”. These could be about two inches tall and an inch in diameter and a typical radio could need a dozen such tubes making the whole unit rather big.

In such situations the impact of obsolescence on the level of alienation could be less critical because the new tool did not do anything amazingly new but did it somewhat better. A different kind of obsolescence results when the new tool not only does a task better but also promises to do new tasks. This is a situation where obsolescence, convergence, and aero tasks combine to produce a new tool. This has become particularly true in the digital age where the computer has continued to evolve rapidly.

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