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Aisoaceae by van Jaarsfeld E.J., de Villiers P.U.

By van Jaarsfeld E.J., de Villiers P.U.

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5 Other GM plants There are many other examples of GM plants and traits that are being developed that are not reviewed here. For example, plants that produce pharmaceutical and CROP BIOTECHNOLOGY 33 industrial products (PMPs and PMIPs) are under development. Currently, they are also a source of great controversy concerning their risks and benefits. The focus of this chapter has been on GM crops that will impact crop production effectiveness. 6 Gene flow containment The discussion above outlined the current and potential future applications of GM crops, emphasizing their positive attributes with respect to improving the effectiveness of crop production systems.

2000; Potrykus, 2001) that insertion of genes from daffodils into rice can significantly increase the vitamin A content. While there are many technical and other hurdles to overcome, ‘golden rice’ has the potential to address night blindness, which is an important health issue in India, Africa and parts of Asia where the lack of animal-derived foods can result in vitamin A deficiency. Other biotechnology-based strategies are also being explored to increase the vitamin A content in rapeseed oil (Dhawan, 2001).

Because of market and competitive forces, however, these products are no longer commercially available or they are only being used on a very limited scale (<1000 ha). Some confusion exists today because the number of products that have completed regulatory review process is much greater than the number of GM crops that are actually available commercially. gov/ ) containing a searchable database for GM plant products that have completed the necessary reviews for food, feed or planting in the United States.

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