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Aerokurier 1. Aus der Technik-Geschichte des deutschen by Группа авторов

By Группа авторов

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But he proved shifty and tricksome to the last. For after Ms death Agobar of A Lyons found amongst Ms papers a scroll asserting that of he was fully persuaded, in spite of any contrawhich he might hypocritically subscribe* Yet Felix only suffered a short detention at Rome, whilst no measures seem to have been taken against Elipandus,, who It was presumably considered that died in his errors, orthodoxy could be sufficiently served and vindicated by the zeal of such great names as Beatus, Abbot of Libana and the S, Benedict of Aniane Ethorius, Bishop of Osma this heresy dictions to ; ; ; 89 glorious Alcuin.

His heresy is a fantastic medley of Greek and Oriental speculation, tinged with some vague colouring of Christianity, The Christ ology of Valentinus is especially confused. He seems to have supposed the existence of three redeemers, but Christ, the Son of Mary, did not have a real body and did not suffer. Even his more prominent disciples, Heracleon, Ptolemy, Marcos, and Bardesanes, widely differed from their master as from one another. Many of the writings of these Gnostics, and a large number of excerpts from Valentinu$*s j own works One yet survive.

24 Vespasian* again, his successor, refused to permit and enchanters to set foot in Italy, strictly enforcing spryers the existent statutes- 25 It is clear from all these stringent laws, and the list of examples might be greatly that although tinder the C^sars omens ware oracles were consulted, thie augurs* honoured, and revered, the dark influences and foul criminality of tfee 12 OF WITCHCRAFT reverse of that dangerous science were recognized and its professors punished with the full force of repeated legislation.

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