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Abregé de la doctrine de Paracelse et de ses Archidoxes by Francesco Maria Pompeo Colonna

By Francesco Maria Pompeo Colonna

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During the summer season sooner than the U.S. entered global conflict I, while ocean swimming used to be simply turning into well known and lush Jersey Shore hotels have been thriving as a sublime playland for a luxurious but nonetheless blameless era's new relaxation type, american citizens have been all of sudden brought to the phobia of sharks. In July 1916 a lone nice White left its traditional deep-ocean habitat and headed towards the recent Jersey coastline. There, close to the cities of seashore Haven and Spring Lake-and, quite, a farming group 11 miles inland-the so much ferocious and unpredictable of predators started a perilous rampage: the 1st shark assaults on swimmers in U. S. heritage.

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It has a thin, sharp, black bill and red legs. Plumage in breeding season includes a black head that contrasts with its white body and light gray back and wings. The primaries form a white triangle against the dark trailing edge when the gull is in flight. The nonbreeding adult has a mostly white head, with a black eye and small dark spots around the ear. A solitary gull, the Bonaparte does not form large flocks. It builds nests made of sticks in evergreen trees. indd 39 10/12/12 2:34 PM Laughing Gull, Leucophaeus atricilla GULLS, TERNS Family Laridae (Gulls, Terns) Size: 16” Season: Year-round Habitat: Coastal beaches and marshes, urban environments, pastures The Laughing Gull is so named because of its loud, often incessant, laughing squawk.

The dark outer primaries are visible in flight. The Royal Tern flies over the water surface, often hovering, and then plunges down to catch fish. They breed on sandbars in the company of thousands of other birds. ) Sandwich Tern, Thalasseus sandvicensis Family Laridae (Gulls, Terns) Size: 15” Season: Summer Habitat: Coastal bays, estuaries, offshore waters, islands The Sandwich Tern is a streamlined, slender seabird that is similar in shape to the Royal Tern but quite a bit smaller. It has a long, thin, black bill with a pointed yellow tip, forked wings, short black legs, and a ragged black crest.

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