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A Handbook of Information Technology by Charlton, Mark.

By Charlton, Mark.

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Filing System Whichever method is chosen for physically storing the information, except for that by microcomputer, it will be necessary to decide the best way of arranging entries so that the information can be retrieved swiftly and accurately. In order to ensure that the total resources of your information service are used to the full when answering an enquiry, it will help if the system used to organize the information file can be integrated with that for the vertical file and the book-stock.

The four possible combinations of these two variables determine four organizational structures. Thus, each structure is an ideal for each of the four combinations. For example, a 30 A Handbook of Information Technology managerial structure is the appropriate structure for a large firm using information as a resource. Resource Managerial Technical/ Professional Treatment of information Bureaucratic Entrepreneurial Large Small Perception Structure parameters Managerial Bureaucratic Technical/professional Entrepreneurial : larger in size with central/top control but with more departmental integration : larger in size with formal structure and a diversified control : smaller in size with a professional body and formal structure : centrally controlled but with less formal structure and smaller in size Figure 2: Information/structure matrix Research into the validity of such a matrix is by no means complete.

National Council for Voluntary Organizations, Federation of Independent Advice Centres. g. The Law Society. g. National Association of Retail Furnishers. g. National Extension College, Open University. — Trade unions. — The media. — Practitioners in the field who publish. (b) Local — Claimants’ unions. — Law centres, other specialist advice centres. — Neighbourhood and generalist advice centres, resource centres. — Local ‘umbrella’ groups. — Pressure groups, campaigning groups, action centres. Voluntary organizations.

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